Pizza Ordering System Java Mini Project with Source Code

Pizza Ordering System is the task of taking orders, calculating bills, adding extra stuff, payment and generate bill with offers discount. Pizza Ordering System Application was build using only Java Language. The application calculates and manages the ordering of pizza by customers. The application is build using Object Oriented Programming Concepts(OOPs).
You can download Java Mini Project with source code for your academic year. These projects are purely built on Java Technologies during Zensar ESD Program 2017. Just download the source and run these files on Eclipse. Special thanking to the Students of Zensar ESD Program 2017.
Project Name:Pizza Ordering System
Group Name:Team Specter
Group Members:Priyanka Shinde-Group Leader
Rutuja Kaswa
Reshma Dhamal
Raj Katare
Abhishek Agrawal
Shailesh Autade
Pritam Dey
Nisarg Shah
Rishab Khudda
Download:Java Source Code Download