BE Project - Attendance System Using Virtual Beacon

I would like to share my BE Final Year IT Project. The Project is based on Attendance System using Virtual Software Beacon. This project was made in 2017-18 for Bachelor of Engineering Degree in Information Technology.

I would like to thank my team members [Darshan Bhavar, Ahtesham Shah, Kaif Shaikh, and Me(Huzaib Sayyed)]and our mentor[Sneha Trith]. This project will not be completed with our members, teachers and the people who help.

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Thank You.

Project Name : Attendance System Using Virtual Beacon

Abstract :  Bluetooth Smart Low Energy Beacon is a wireless technology aimed at innovative applications in tracking the user. The technology makes use of electronic tags to facilitate automatic wireless identification, with a Bluetooth Smart Low Energy Beacon enabled device. We are attempting to solve the problem of attendance monitoring using a Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon. This application of Bluetooth Smart Low Energy Beacon to student attendance improves the time taken during manual attendance and human errors and provides administrators the statistics of attendance scores for use in further managerial decisions using their own personal Android devices. This system solves the problem with the conventional system that it took a long time for all the students to sign on attendance sheet and manual entering of data for teachers/ professors. In order to spoil cheating students who try to register their attendance illegally from outside the classroom, we employ a Virtual Beacon device to transmit a magic number necessary for proper registration within the classroom and store data using Android Devices.

Advantages :
  • In our project the teachers wont have to maintain the traditional papers on which the attendance used to be taken as the data of the students is maintained on the private server.
  • In addition the teachers wont have to make a separate defaulters list by calculating attendance of each and every student.
  • This project will avoid the disturbance caused while passing on the attendance sheet as well as it would consume less time.
  • The defaulters parents will get an e-mail regarding the attendance.
  • It does not require any additional hardware just the students mobile phone.

Disadvantages : 
  • Every student must be having an android smartphone.
  • Proxy is one big disadvantage of our project as the student may carry his friends phone to college.
  • If the students phone runs out of battery the teacher will then manually have to update the attendance.

Conclusion : Student Attendance Management System using Bluetooth Low Energy, Web-based Management and Android Devices is developed using many softwares like Android SDK , Netbeans
IDE, MySQL, Wordpress,etc. The system eventually reaches a stable state where all the bugs are eliminated. It operates at the highest efficiency and all the teachers and users associated with the system understands its advantage. The system solves the intended problem as per requirements. Thus reducing the human effort which was a time consuming process this project has endless advantages over the traditional attendance management system and a better future scope.

Future Scope : Paper Attendance can be improvised by using many techniques ,using beacon was one of the technique.Functionalities can be added or improvised in attendance management using BLE Beacon can be:
  • For proxy avoidance live photo of student is taken which is then compared with the photo in database but using more advanced algorithm(image processing alogirthhm) results can be achieved more accurate. 
  • The range of bluetooth can be restricted to a limited extend as per the requirement.


  1. The project seems to be very helpful. Thank you a lot for describing the procedure itself. We are very happy to be supplied with this type of information.

  2. The fact that this system immediately solves a lot of issues with the efficiency of all the previous parameters is very important, because it works very efficiently.

  3. I hope your project will become successful because it offers efficient salvation for a lot of problems that we face every day.

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