These are the assignments based on Advance Databases Software Laboratory 6 for Information Technology BE Programming Laboratory Pune University.
Prerequisites :
  1. Database Management System Course Objectives : 
  2. To learn and understand Database Modeling, Architectures.
  3. To learn and understand Advanced Database Programming Frameworks.
  4. To learn and understand web database language, XML, JDOQL.
  5. To learn NoSQL Databases (Open source) such as Hive/ Hbase/Cassendra/DynamoDB.
Course Outcomes :
  1. Understanding of Advanced Database Programming Languages.
  2. Master the basics of web and object oriented database languages and construct queries using XML and JDOQL.
  3. Master the basic concepts of NoSQL Databases.
  4. Understand how analytics and big data affect various functions now and in the future.
  5. Appreciate the impact of analytics and big data on the information industry and the external ecosystem for analytical and data services.
Useful Links: Installation of Eclipse on Ubuntu 


1.Study and Configure Hadoop for Big Data

2.Study of NoSQL Databases such as Hive/Hbase/Cassendra/DynamoDB

3.Design Data Model using NoSQL Databases such as Hive/Hbase/Cassendra/DynamoDB

4.Implement any one Partitioning technique in Parallel Databases

5.Implement Two Phase commit protocol in Distributed Databases

6.Design Persistent Objects using JDO and implement min 10 queries on objects using JDOQL in ObjectDB NOSQL DATABASE

7.Create XML, XML schemas , DTD for any database application and implement min 10 queries using XQuery FLOWR expression and XPath

8.Design database schemas and implement min 10 queries using Hive/ Hbase/ Cassendra column based databases

9. Design database schemas and implement min 10 queries using DynamoDBkeyValue based databases

10.Implement Web Page ranking algorithm

11.Implement any one machine learning algorithm for classification / clustering task in BIG data Analytics

12.Design and Implement social web mining application using NoSQL databases, machine learning algorithm, Hadoop and Java/.Net