These are the assignments based on Fundamental of Data Structures for Information Technology SE Programming Laboratory Pune University.
  1. Represent sets using one dimensional arrays and implement functions to performi) union ii) intersection, iii) difference, iv) symmetric difference of two sets.
  2. Represent matrix using two dimensional arrays and perform following operations:i) Addition using pointers ii) multiplication without pointers iii) transpose using pointers
  3. Implement following operations on string with using pointersi) Length ii) Palindrome iii) String comparison iv) Copy v) Reverse vi) Substring
  4. Implement following operations on string without using pointers i) Length ii) Palindrome iii) String comparison iv) Copy v) Reverse vi) Substring
  5. Create a Database using array of structures and perform following operations on it:i) Create Database ii) Display Database iii) Add record iv) Search a record v) Modify arecords. vi) Delete a record.
  6. a) Sort the set of strings in ascending order using Bubble sort and descending order by usingSelection sort.b) Search for particular string using binary search
  7. a) Write C program to implement TYPE and COPY commands of DOS using cormnand line arguments.
    b) Find out number of characters, words, spaces and sentences form a file and write result in another file.
  8. Implement Quick Sort recursively to sort the given list of numbers/records. Display pivot position and its corresponding list in each pass.
  9. Represent sparse matrix using two dimensional array or structure and perform simple and fast transpose
  10. Implement a singly linked list with following options i) Insertion of a node at any location ii) Deletion of a node from any location iii) display a list iv) Display in reverse v) Reverse the list without using additional data structure.
  11. Implement polynomial using CLL and perform i) Addition of Polynomials ii) Multiplication of polynomials and iii) Evaluation of polynomial.
  12. 11. Implement any database using doubly linked list with following optionsi) Insert a record ii) delete a record iii) modify a record iii) Display list forward, d) Display listbackward