These are the assignments of Design and Analysis of Algorithms Information Technology TE Software Laboratory 2 Pune University.
  1. Write a program to implement matrix multiplication using Strassen's method. (Divide and Conquer)
  2. Write a program to implement coding and decoding using Huffman method. (Greedy) Studentsare expected to write the program with nlogn complexity and verify the same.
  3. Write a program to print shortest path and cost for the directed graph using Floyd and Warshalmethod. ( Dynamic Programming) and verify the complexity
  4. Write a recursive program to find the solution of placing n queens on chess board so that noqueen takes each other (backtracking).
  5. Write a non-recursive program to check whether Hamiltonian path exists in undirected graph ornot. If exists print it. ( backtracking)
  6. Write a program to solve the travelling salesman problem. Print the path and the cost. ( Branchand Bound)