Data Structure and File laboratory - Programs

These are the Data Structure and File Laboratory assignments/programs for Information Technology Students. These assignments/programs are created as per Pune University. Following are the Data Structure and File Laboratory Programs created and self implements. Following Programs are implemented on Unix/Linux Operating System using C/C++ Language. Learn about these programs with source code. If you find this helpful then share with colleagues.Thank You.
  1. Implement stack as an abstract data type using linked list and use this ADT for conversion of infix expression to postfix , prefix and evaluation of postfix/prefix expression.

  2. Implement circular queue using array and perform following operations on
    1. Add a record
    2. Delete a record
    3. Checking Empty
    4. Checking Underflow
    5. Checking Overflow

  3. Implement priority queue as ADT using multiple linked lists ,one list for each priority for servicing patients in an hospital with priorities as
    1. Serious (top priority)
    2. Medium illness (medium priority)
    3. General (Least priority)

  4. Construct and expression tree from postfix/prefix expression and perform recursive and non-recursive Inorder , preorder and postorder traversals.

  5. Implement binary search tree as an ADT

  6. Construct an inorder threaded binary tree from inorder/postorder expression and traverse it in inorder and preorder.

  7. Represent any real world graph using adjacency list/adjacency matrix find minimum spanning tree using Prim’s or Kruskal’s algorithm.

  8. Represent a given graph using adjacency matrix/adjacency list and find the shortest path using Dijkstra's algorithm.

  9. Implementation of Hash table using array and handle collisions using Linear probing, chaining without replacement and Chaining with replacement.

  10. Implement Heap sort by constructing max or min heap .

  11. Implement an index sequential file for any Database and perform following operations on it
    1. Create Database
    2. Display Database
    3. Add a record
    4. Delete a record
    5. Modify a record
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