These are the assignments for Information Technology TE Software Laboratory 1 of Pune University. These programs are available with source code for learning.
  1. How to PING in Packet Tracer.
  2. Installation of Local Area Network (cables, connectors, topologies, switches/ hubs, crimping tool, IP addressing scheme, Subnetting, College Network Design)
    a. Cross-over cable
    b. Star Topology
    c. Hierarchical Topology
  3. Introduction to server administration (server administration commands and their applications) and configuration of
    a. Telnet
    b. FTP
    c. DHCP
  4. UNIX Sockets: WAP program in C/C++ sockets API
    a. TCP sockets
    b. UDP sockets
    Server accepts operation and floating point numbers from the clients; performs arithmetic operations and sends the result back to client. Server application must handle at least five clients simultaneously. Both the server and client should display input and output numbers as well as the operation. The server and client processes should be run on different machines. During evaluation, students will demonstrate via creating multiple client processes on different machines.
  5. Using a Network Simulator (e.g. packet tracer) configure
    a. Static Routing
    b. RIPv2 routing protocol
    c. EIGRP
    d. OSPF
  6. Using a Network Simulator (e.g. packet tracer) configure
    a. VLAN, Dynamic trunk protocol and spanning tree protocol
    b. RIPv2 and EIGRP on same network
    c. WLAN with static IP addressing and DHCP with MAC security and filters
  7. Using Network Simulator 2/ OMNET simulate
    a. Local Area Network
    b. WLAN
  8. Using Network Simulator 2/ OMNET simulate
    a. MANET
    b. WSN