Download the free DBMS mini projects with source code. The project is available in PHP and MySQL for students. The Student can modify the project with their own ideas to meet their requirements. 
Download the project of DBMS for Hardware Shopping Management System using the back-end MySQL as database and front-end as PHP.


> Requirements:
> Steps:
  • Download the XAMPP and install and run MySQL and PHPMyAdmin.
  • Download the Source Code(given below) and extract the .rar file.
  • Copy the Source Folder in XAMPP -> htdocs.
  • In browser type -> http://localhost/phpmyadmin and create the following database:
Create database as hardwarestore
In hardwarestore -> create table as cart -> in cart create column as p_id as primary key.
In hardwarestore -> create table as product-> in product create column as product_id as primary key, product_title, product_img, product_desc, product_stock, product_price.
In hardwarestore -> create table as users -> in users create column as uid as primary key, name, email, password.
Now in your browser type -> http://localhost/hardwarestore where main.php is the homepage where you can edit, add, delete, and update the products.
Remember you can edit your project files in Folder -> XAMPP -> htdocs -> hardwarestore

Download the Source Code