Here i am providing ebooks for exams and studies. This reference books are mostly in PDF format. Download Second year books for Pune University Engineering Information Technology.Keep studying... :-P)
1)Discrete Structure "Elements of Discrete" by C.L. Liu and D.P Mohapatra
"Discrete Mathematics" by R.Johnsonbaugh
2)Computer Organizations "Computer Organization and Architecture" by William Stallings
"Computer Oganization"by C.Hamacher Z.Vranesic and S.zaky
"Microprocessor and Interfacing" by Douglas Hall
3)Digital Electronics and Logic Design "Modern Digital Electronics" by RP Jain
"Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design" by Stephen Brown
4)Fundamental of Data Structures "Data Structures: A pseudocode approach with C" by R.Gilberg and B.Forouzan
"Data Structures and Algorithms" by Gav Pai
"LET US C" by Yashwant kanetkar
5)Problem Solving and Object Oriented Programming Concepts "How to Solve it by Computer" by R.G.Dromey
"Object-Oriented Programming in C++" by Robert Lafore
6)Computer Graphics "Computer graphics : A programming approach" by Steven Harrington
"Computer Graphics" by M.Pauline Baker
"Computer Graphics" by Zhigang Xiang,Roy Plastock
"Computer Graphics" by ER Rajiv Chopra
7)Processor Architecture and Interface "Advanced 80386 Programming Techniques" by James Turley
"The 8051 Microcontroller" by Kenneth J
8)Data Structures and Files "Data Structures: A pseudocode approach with C++" by R.Gilberg and B.Forouzan
"Fundamentals of data structures in C++ / Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Sahni, D Mehta
9)Foundation of Computer Networks "Data communications and networking " by Behrouz A. Forouzan
"Computer Networks" by A Tanenbaum