Here i am providing ebooks for exams and studies. This reference books are mostly in PDF format. Download Last/Fourth year books for Pune University Engineering Information Technology. Keep studying... :-P)
1)INFORMATION AND CYBER SECURITY BruiceSchneier, “Applied Cryptography- Protocols, Algorithms and Source code in C”, 2ndEdition, Wiely India Pvt Ltd
Nina Godbole, SunitBelapure, “Cyber Security- Understanding Cyber Crimes, Computer Forensics and Legal Perspectives”
Bernard Menezes, “Network Security and Cryptography”, Cengage Learning
2)SOFTWARE MODELING AND DESIGN Michael R Blaha, James Rumbaugh, “Object Oriented Modeling and Design with UML”, Second Edition, Pearson Education System
Dennis, Wixom, Tegarden, “System Analysis and design - an Object oriented approach with UML”, 5th Edition, Wiley publication.
M G Limaye, “Software Testing Principle, Techniques and Tools”, TMH.
3) MACHINE LEARNING Peter Flach: Machine Learning: The Art and Science of Algorithms that Make Sense of Data, Cambridge University Press, Edition 2012
Hastie, Tibshirani, Friedman: Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning with Applications in R, Springer, 2nd Edition-2012.
Ethem Alpayldin : Introduction to Machine Learning, PHI 2nd Edition-2013.
C. M. Bishop : Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Springer 1st Edition-2013
4) Distributed System George Coulouris, Jean Dollimore, Tim Kindberg, & Gordon Blair, “Distributed Systems – Concept and Design”, 4th Edition, Publisher: Pearson.
Andrew S. Tanenbaum & Maarten van Steen”, Distributed Systems – Principles andParadigms”, 2nd Edition, Publisher: PHI.
P. K. Sinha,”Distributed Operating Systems Concepts and Design”, Publisher: PHI
5)Advanced Databases Raghu Ramkrishanan, Johannes Gehrke 4th Edition “Database Management Systems”
Avi Silberschatz , Henry F. Korth , S. Sudarshan, “Database System Concepts, Sixth Edition”
6)Service Oriented Architecture Thomas Erl ,” Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts, Technology & Design”, Pearson Education Pte Ltd 2008
Michael Rosen, Boris Lublin sky, Kevin T. Smith, Marc J. Balcer, “Applied SOA: Service Oriented Architecture and Design Strategies”, Wiley, 2010.
7)Usability Engineering Nielsen, J. (1994), “Usability Engineering”, Elsevier.
Rosson, M. B., & Carroll, J. M. (2001), “ Usability Engineering: Scenario-Based development of human-computer interaction”, Elsevier.
Mayhew, D. (1999), “The Usability Engineering Lifecycle: A Practitioner's Handbook for user interface design”, Morgan Kaufmann
The Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman
Human Computer Interaction - 3rd Edition by - ALAN DIX-
8)Mobile Computing Wireless and Mobile All-IP Networks
9)Green IT Harnessing Green It Principles and Practices by San Murugesan and G.R. Gangadharan