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Hello Everyone,

This is Huzaif Sayyed a Information Technology Student, owner of Professional Cipher website and a Youtube Channel from Pune, India.My website is for all aspiring Software, Computer , Information Technology Students especially for gaining knowledge and an ease to provide study material and with exciting videos on different topics.

Beside this website, I have Youtube Channel and Facebook Pages for fun and learn. Youtube channel is a mixture of Educational and How To's and Tips n Tricks videos. According to this website we have achieved 20,000+ pageviews with 10000+ unique visitors from 80+ Countries over the Globe and our website ranks 1,057,338 most popular website in the world.

Hope my efforts is encouraged by all of you .Please feel free to contact me on my email: professionalcipher@gmail.com for any queries. I will try my best to help you out.

Thank You...........

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Huzaif Sayyed (Professional Cipher)